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13 Free E-books to Learn Linux

Printed books or E-Books? The argument is powerful, yet many would agree with the latter. Printed books only come in handy when one wants to relax and enjoy reading on a vacation and which normally has nothing to do with office work. Therefore, working people prefer e-books because of their dozens of advantages over printed books such as it is a single device and can consist of thousands of books in it. It becomes convenient to carry around and could easily be downloaded and could be read and accessed with its offline accessibility option. With pros ranging from augmented reality experience to environment-friendly options, the e-book is the winner.

The business owners and high-level stakeholders ensure to be updated regarding new learnings and research, and all this becomes faster with the help of e-books. Every enterprise or organization involves multiple computer systems which have to be upgraded with time. Businesses are concerned about powerful operating systems, monitoring tools, automation tools, and antivirus software that could secure their confidential data and could be monitored remotely. Businesses rely on Linux operating system because of its compatibility. Here, we have discussed 13 Free Linux E-Books that provide in-depth knowledge not just for newbies but for professionals as well from domains such as software developers, system admins, database admins, etc. Due to the accessibility of these books, it becomes convenient to carry around and go through them either in times of need or for advancements. The mentioned e-books hold the secrets to empowerment and success in the digital world.

Instant Kali Linux


Instant Kali Linux is a quick guide to learning the most widely used operating system by network security professionals written by Abhinav Singh.

The book covers and refreshes the concept of penetration testing and how the security implementations of a network of computers are evaluated and tested with specific attack vectors to check whether they withstand the attacks without collapsing and malfunctioning. This book offers a wide range of knowledge about penetration testing and preferred operating system for pros. It helps in understanding and implementing the tasks of computer forensics, audits, and security. It offers more than 290 penetration testing tools.

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DevOps Troubleshooting


Kyle Rankin has written beautifully and has elaborated on the concept regarding DevOps Troubleshooting – Linux Server Best Practices.

This book helps in understanding and strengthening the bond between the developers, quality assurance teams, and system admins. As these mentioned professionals possess a unique set of troubleshooting skills and often end up in the blame game. To avoid such clashes and invest the right knowledge into the set of troubleshooting practices, the teams can implement the right solutions to the most common Linux server problems.

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Linux and Solaris Recipes


Darl Kuhn, Bernard Lopuz & Charles Kim are the authors of this book and published by Apress company.

This book is specifically for the Data Base Administrators (DBAs) who have hands-on experience with Linus and work in Solaris environments. From DBAs perspective, this book covers command-line tools, methods, and techniques while working with the operating system. For all those DBAs who are either a newbie or exceeds as a professional, this book has a lot to offer in terms of Linux technology which also assists in providing the right solutions.

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Hacking Exposed


Andrea Barisani, Thomas Bader, Simon Biles, Colby Clark, Raoul Chiesa, Pablo Endres, along with a few others are the authors of this masterpiece – Hacking Exposed Linux Security Secrets and Solutions. The publishing company is McGraw Hill.

This book, not just only covers the tools and knowledge of hacking but also the types of threats. A piece of deep information about how to analyze potential problems when it comes to system security and threats.

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Linux The Complete Reference


Richard Petersen is the author of this book. The famous publishing company for this book is McGraw Hill.

This book serves as a one-stop shop that offers a full package. It covers topics and concepts ranging from shell environments, system administrations, servers, security, and whatnot. It also covers the GNOME and KDE chapters along with their applications and tools. Similarly, it also helps in elaborating the Unix aspects of Linux as well. The admins can make much use of networking and security features embedded in this book.

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Beginning Ubuntu Linux


Keir Thomas, Andy Channelle, and Jamie Sicam are the authors and contributors to this book. Apress is the publisher of this book.

This book covers the history and philosophy behind the Linux Operating system and Ubuntu. It explains the technical details, its installation, its graphical interface, social networks, cloud computing, and more. It enhances the readers’ skills to help run the systems smoothly and seamlessly.

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Beginning the Linux Command Line


Sander van Vugt is a Linux expert, technical trainer, and author of this book and the publisher is Apress company.

This book is for all those system admins, software developers, and Linux command-line enthusiasts. It covers ways to master Linux from the command line. It teaches the tools such as find, grep, awk and sed. It also explains the concepts of partitions, logical volumes, and some other high-level file system management tasks. It has elaborated the ideas of managing processes, network-related tasks, and configuration of networks interface.

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Kali Linux Network Scanning Cookbook


The publishing company is Packt and the author is Justin Hutchens.

The book elaborates on the ideas of scanning tools that help in identifying live systems on a target network. It also explains the concepts of port scanning, fingerprinting, and vulnerability scanning which are used to identify and eliminate potential threats to a system. It covers the web application scanning topic by providing the techniques and tools to identify web application vulnerabilities on systems.

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Beginning SUSE Linux – From Novice to Professional


Keir Thomas is the author of this book. The well-known Apress is the publishing company.

The book is split into 7 parts and each chapter obtains a different aspect of SUSE Linux use. It starts by discussing the history, philosophy, and technical details of Linux. Furthermore, it adds the installation methods of Linux on systems, setting up hardware, and skills to run the system smoothly and safely from any potential threats. It also describes its optimized usage, tips on backup of essential data, scheduling tasks, and more.

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Linux Bible – 9th Edition


Christopher Negus is the author and is published by the American company “Wiley”.

The book consists of 27 chapters, starting from the basic philosophy, and history to the deployment of Linux on the cloud. It covers and offers in-depth knowledge about several concepts such as writing simple shell scripts, management of disks and file systems, understanding server administration, and configuration of a web server. It also empowers readers and its users about Linux security techniques and troubleshooting, enhancement of security with SELinux, and finally cloud computing.

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Beginning Linux Programming


Neil Matthew & Richard Stones are the authors and published by Wiley Publishing, Inc.

This book is specifically for those programmers who want to speed up the services that Linux has to offer in this detailed book. For this book, one must have a little bit of experience in programming languages such as C and C++. The aims of the authors are numerous, some of them are to teach the use of standard Linux C libraries and other services specified by the UNIX standards. Similarly, helping to understand the concept of building graphical user interfaces. The book also covers the GTK+ toolkit which underlies the GNOME environment and the Qt toolkit which inspires the KDE environment.

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Practical Linux Infrastructure


The author of the book is Syed Ali and published by Apress publishing company.

This book comes in handy for those who want to build a GNU/Linux–based infrastructure. The readers whether junior, mid-level, or senior system administrators, site reliability engineers, DevOps, or developers, can easily benefit from this book. The knowledge you will acquire from this book will hopefully help you design a fault-tolerant, resilient GNU/ Linux–based infrastructure that will bring advancements to your business and enterprise.

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Linux in a Nutshell

The book is written by several authors; Ellen Siever, Stephen Figgins, Robert Love, and Arnold Robbins respectively. The book’s publisher is O’Reilly.

The book consists of 15 chapters offering detailed knowledge about the Linux system. It discusses the system and network admins, Linux commands, package management, pattern matching, the gawk programming language, source code management, and finally ends on virtualization command-line tools.

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Closing Remarks

Free Linux E-books are highly downloaded across the board because of its use, and higher purpose. The mentioned best 13 Free Linux E-books serve detailed knowledge to all the programmers and professionals who want to excel in their respective fields. The book consists of unique techniques, and methods and provides a different set of skills to excel in the domain of Linux.

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