How to Find Your IP Address in Ubuntu 22.04?

Ubuntu is basically an operating system software that is Linux-based. IP Address symbolizes “Internet Protocol” which is a unique address used for making a difference between multiple networks. Sometimes, users need to find an IP Address for many reasons including troubleshooting issues and router issues. In Ubuntu, users can easily find the IP Address by using different methods.

This blog will illustrate:

  • How to Find/Get IP Address in Ubuntu 22.04 Through Terminal?
  • How to Find/Get IP Address in Ubuntu 22.04 Through GUI?

How to Find/Get IP Address in Ubuntu 22.04 Through Terminal?

To find the IP Address, different commands are used, such as:

  • Method 1: Via “ip address” Command
  • Method 2: Via “hostname -I” Command
  • Method 3: Via “nmcli -p device show” Command
  • Method 4: Via “ifconfig -a” Command

Method 1: Find IP Address Via “ip address” Command

ip address” command is the most efficient command for finding the IP Address. This command will give some details with the IP Address as well. Users can use it in three different formats as shown below:

By utilizing all the above ways of this command, we will get the same outputs that display the IP Address:

Method 2: Find IP Address Via “hostname -I” Command

If the user only needs the IP Address of their network, then the “hostname -I” command is used:

where “I” flag is used to show the IP Address of your device

The IP Address is shown in the below image having no details:

Method 3: Find IP Address Via “nmcli -p device show” Command

The “nmcli -p device show” command is used to display details of the user’s device network:

nmcli” is a tool of Network Manager, whereas “-p” is for printing the details.

The below output shows the network details with the IP Address:

Method 4: Find IP Address Via “ifconfig -a” Command

“ifconfig -a” command is used for listing possible services. To utilize it, we need to install it from the net-tools package via the “sudo apt install net-tools” command:

sudo apt install net-tools

Here, “net-tools” consists of packages that contain utilities like ifconfig, route, and arp.

This will install the required packages:

Now, the user can use “ifconfig” command:

Here, the “-a” flag displays the information about all network interfaces.


In the below output, the IP address with some possible services can be seen:

How to Find/Get IP Address in Ubuntu 22.04 Through GUI?

To find the IP address in Ubuntu 22.04 through GUI, try out the given-provided steps:

  • Open the “Settings” Tab
  • Redirect to “Network” Option
  • Click “Gear” Option
  • View IP Address

Step 1: Open “Settings” Tab

First, open the “Settings” tab in Ubuntu:

Step 2: Redirect to “Network” Option

After that, go to the “Network” option present in the settings menu on the top left side:

Step 3: Click “Gear” Option

Then, hit the below-highlighted “Gear” icon used for showing the network setting that is close/next to the connected toggle:

Step 4: Display of IP Address

Upon doing so, the dialogue box will open with several network information. Here, you can see the IP address of your device:

We have explained the efficient methods to find the IP Address in Ubuntu 22.04.


To find the IP Address in Ubuntu 22.04 by terminal method, users can use different commands such as “ip address”, “hostname -I”, “nmcli -p device show” and “ifconfig -a”. Moreover, users can also use the GUI method for finding the IP Address. To do so, first open the “Settings” tab. Then, go to the “Network” option on the top left menu. After that, hit the “Gear” icon that is next to the connected toggle button. Upon hitting, a dialogue box appears at last in which the user spots the IP Address. This article has demonstrated the methods to find the IP Address using terminal and GUI methods.

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