How to Install vnStat on Linux Mint 21

VnStat is a simple, command-line tool that monitors your network traffic and provides real-time statistics on your network usage. If you’re looking for a lightweight and easy-to-use network monitoring tool for Linux Mint, vnStat is a great option, this article explains steps to install and use vnStat on Linux Mint.

How to Install vnStat on Linux Mint 21

VnStat installation is very simple because it can be done with the built-in package management, but there are still certain steps to be taken:

Step 1: To avoid any potential issues, update the apt package manager’s package list using:


sudo apt update

Step 2: Using Linux Mint’s built-in package manager, install vnStat next:

sudo apt install vnstat

Step 3: Next, verify the application’s version to see if it was installed properly or not:

vnstat --version

Step 4: Now to start using this application let’s first enable it on Linux and for that execute:

sudo systemctl enable vnstat

Step 5: Next check the status of the vnstat as if it is running or not, so for that use the systemctl command like this:

sudo systemctl status vnstat

In case if the application is still unactive or not running, then activate it by using:

sudo systemctl start vnstat

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Step 6: Once the tool is up and running now it’s time to monitor the network by using the vnstat command, here is the syntax for it

vnstat -<time-in-minutes>

Just replace the <time-in-minutes> in the above syntax like to monitor the network for five minutes then execute:


nstat -5

If you are new to this tool and need any help with using it for monitoring the network then consult the help provided with this tool and for that execute:

vnstat --longhelp

To remove Vnstat from Linux if you installed it through its default package manager then just execute:

sudo apt remove --autoremove vnstat -y


VnStat is a simple and lightweight network monitoring tool that can help you keep track of your network usage on Linux Mint. Follow the steps outlined in this article to easily install and use vnStat on your Linuc Mint system. With its real-time statistics and detailed reports, vnStat can help you monitor your network traffic and optimize your network usage

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