How to Install Zoom on Debian?

Zoom is a video conferencing and online meeting software that allows users to communicate and collaborate remotely. It provides video and audio conferencing, screen sharing, recording, and breakout rooms. 

Additionally, it is compatible with Linux systems and can be installed on Debian, which makes it a convenient and accessible option for users of this operating system.

This post will describe the recommended ways to install zoom on Debian. 

Approach#1: How to Install Zoom on Debian Using .deb Package?

The Debian package of Zoom is available on the download page. This is the most recommended method as the download is directly associated with the Zoom official releases and is updated on time. For ease in Zoom Installation on Debian Linux, the following steps are carried out:

Step 1: Download the Debian Package

Go to the Downloads page of Zoom or use the following command to download the Debian package of Zoom:

$ wget

Note: Get the latest Zoom version from the link.

Step 2: Install the Zoom

Now, go to the directory where the Debian package file of Zoom is located, and use the apt install command to install the package as follows. 

$ sudo apt install ./zoom_amd64.deb

Use the name of the package file in place of the “zoom_amd64”.

Once installed successfully, verify it by launching it from the terminal.

$ zoom

You can directly join a meeting or first sign and then proceed with the other operations of Zoom.

Approach#2: How to Install Zoom on Debian Using the Snap?

The snap package store provides a large amount of software that can be installed on various Linux distributions that have Snap enabled. The following steps teach you to enable snap and install zoom using the snap store. 

Step 1: Enable Snap Support

Most of the time, you will observe that snap support is available on Debian. To verify it, first, use the command.

$  snap version

If it is not enabled, then use the command to install the snap support. 

$ sudo apt install snapd

Step 2: Install Zoom

As the snap is ensured that it is available, now, use the following command to install the zoom on Debian.

$ sudo snap install zoom-client

Verify the installation by launching zoom.

$ zoom 

How to Remove Zoom From Debian?

If you want to remove Zoom from your Debian system, it can be done by following the methods mentioned below. 

Uninstallation for Snap Package of Zoom

If the installation is carried out using snap, you need to run the following command to remove Zoom from your system. 

$ sudo snap remove zoom-client

Uninstallation of the Zoom Through apt

If you have followed method 1 for installation (by adding its repository), it can be removed using the command below. 

$ sudo apt autoremove zoom


On Debian, Zoom is the most effective platform for remotely conducting meetings, sessions, or lectures. There are multiple ways to install Zoom on Debian, i.e., by adding its repository or using the snap package. Both methods are demonstrated in this installation guide of Zoom on Debian.

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