Top 5 Free and Open-Source E-commerce Software for Linux

The world has revolutionized drastically over the past few years and every field has grown at such a fast pace that for constant growth, a business must move along at the same velocity. E-commerce is one of the examples of this revolution. If you want to expand your business beyond brick and mortar, then E-commerce is the best option that not only increases your customer reach in-store but across borders as well. Incorporating E-commerce software enables you to achieve so much so fast that you can almost immediately create an online website with the help of templates available in the software. It has made tracking everything easy and accessible by provision of data entry methods whether it is inventory maintenance, shipping information, or sales tracking. You can enhance your sales and boost your business only to a certain extent if you limit yourself to antiquated ways, but elevating your sales by many folds is not a dream now and can easily be done by engaging customers through an online shopping platform. The ease of getting the desired product, then being able to track the shipping and giving feedback to the business, all from the comfort of home, makes customers adhere to the business and enhance their satisfaction as well. E-commerce also enables you to incorporate marketing tools and CRM that can grab the attention of potential customers all over the world, ultimately increasing the customer base and revenues. Chances of human error can be avoided, time can be saved, and several things can be easily wrapped up by including E-commerce software. Also, the availability of multiple payment options and competitive processing fees give you the edge over competitors and an unrivaled shopping experience for the customers. You can also spread the newsletters and promotions to the masses through email blasts. An SEO marketing tool helps you keep your business on the top of search engines.

E-commerce tools are designed perfectly in a way that you can successfully run your online business with essential features like information at a glance, and marketing tools to access new ventures, maintain your inventory, process payments, and provide up-to-date shipping information. To ensure your business’s enhanced productivity and increased revenues, we have discussed 5 top free and open-source E-commerce tools that are compatible with Linux and are actively maintained so that you can run your business without any glitches.


Odoo is a free, open-source, and highly customizable platform that ensures you run a smooth online business by providing you access to Enterprise resource planning (ERP), Manufacturing, Project management, Inventory management, Point of Sales (POS), Customer relationship management (CRM), and accounting. Oddo can be incorporated regardless of the size of the business. It is capable of supporting a small-scale business to one dealing with the masses. You can build your custom website by utilizing the drag-and-drop feature. You can also add features like a customer portal, and company blogs to your website. Odoo provides a built-in SEO tool for website optimization, google schemas, site maps, and page speed. For the sales team, CRM is provided that manages the top leads and potential customers. To enhance sales performance, you can easily customize your sales cycle, manage your statistics, make the forecast of future sales, and generate a marketing strategy. Odoo’s accounting and inventory manager lets you manage invoices, billings, stock levels, purchasing, and many more.

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PrestaShop focuses on becoming the global benchmark for commerce platforms by exhibiting its remarkable values like engagement, boldness, adjacency, and persistence. PrestaShop is highly customizable, open-source, and free software that is not only committed to the merchants but also ensures equal satisfaction to the customers. This software is expanded globally because it is localized in many countries and translated into respective languages. 300,000 businesses have already expanded globally by incorporating this tool. Another reason for PrestaShop to be the software of choice is that it supports the majority of payment methods and guarantees secure transactions. Some of the key features are tax management, SEO tool, real-time analytics, CRM, marketing tools, inventory management, shipping details, and many more.

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It captures the business from small to large scale. It is a plugin for WordPress and enables WordPress users to create an account and sell anything from tangible to intangible items. Liberty of selling anything can help users in reviewing the needs of customers and exploring new ventures. Users are completely free to develop their plugins or purchase the required extension from the store. Some of the notable features are accessibility, full ownership, and control of your data. The availability of more than 400 extensions that are free except for a few paid ones, enhances the functionality of the business. You can use the extensions to create coupon codes and develop a database for marketing campaigns. Also, you can easily review the sales and revenues, manage stock levels, and review the performance.

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OpenCart is another great, free, and open-source tool used widely by merchants to upscale their business by selling products online and gathering more potential audiences. To increase the optimization and traffic on the webpage, OpenCart provides users with a built-in SEO feature. This software empowers users to manage the products that are being viewed regularly so that they can monitor customers’ behavior and aim their focus on the right side. The technical team of software is continuously working on making the tool perfect for users and is efficient in supporting customers through the installation process, bug fixes, and other related issues. Also, the dashboard provided for the review is extremely user-friendly that helps in examining the weekly and daily sales, repeated and unique customers, and total profits. Merchants are also provided with the features like multi-currency support, automated discount management on products with low sales, and theme customizability.

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Merchants are empowered to have the control, flexibility, and accessibility to run and customize their online platforms by using this platform. It gives users a unique shopping experience over other platforms by providing catalog management, remarkable marketing tools, and extreme optimization. Every business has its particular requirements and Magento understands that and provides the intuitive administration interface so that users can tailor their channels accordingly. Some of the key features are the provision of powerful marketing, promotional, and conversion tools, search engine optimization, site management, catalog management, catalog browsing, product browsing, shipping management, customer service, mobile commerce, email marketing, gifting options, customer segmentation, and content management.

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Closing remarks

The fact that the digitalization of commerce is the future of business, can not be denied, and the businesses that have accepted this fact and molded their strategies accordingly are the most successful now. There are plenty of software available in the market that claim to be best in providing the desired e-commerce experience but we have filtered the top 5 free and open-source software that will surely help you in meeting your needs and help your business start, grow, and establish.

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