Top 6 Free Project Management Software for Linux

To generate value and enhance the productivity of any business, it is very important for the management and all the team players to be on the same page, which requires a process that can create harmony between all the stakeholders. Project management is one of the most reliable processes in this regard.

Project management is a vast process that is an umbrella to other processes like quality management, scheduling, allocation of resources and collaboration, and so on. The need to introduce project management software in the growing business increased when the market took a fast pace.

To sustain the growth of the business, it is very important to corporate effective and easy-to-use project management software. To make your search easy for tools that can enhance the productivity of your business, we have gathered the best tools available in the market in the year 2023.

We are enlisting 6 free project management software and tools that can help all the stakeholders in the business to be better team players and make the working more productive.


1st open source PM Software

nTask is undoubtedly one of the best project management applications available in the market in 2023. For a project manager, this application will ensure harmony among the team.

Web browser can be used to gain access to this Linux software. This software will guide you through your developmental process by tracking and managing the completion, success, or projection of different tasks. If you are one of those managers who entrust Linux-based software, then nTask is the best management tool that will help you with task, time, risk, and project management, along with bug tracking.
That is not all; the application’s main features are:

  • To provide end users with the management and tracking of every developmental process and task till the final review.
  • To assess the risks involved in the process and to manage and remove the risks that can potentially lag the development of the task.
  • Time management can allow managers to have insights into the performance and time invested in every task.
  • The app will also help the members to align all the meetings, events, and activities planned at specific dates by syncing and integrating the calendars.
  • Integrating Zoom activities to create uniformity among all the team members.
  • Gantt charting and Kanban boarding are also the main features that must be acknowledged.

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2nd FOSS PM Software

This is another web-based, open-source Linux project management software that was developed in the year 2012. This software enables the end users to work harmoniously without the location barrier. This would allow the members to be on the same page regardless of location.

Key features of the software are:

  • The task assignment, priority, and progress are accessible to the project managers.
  • The app lets you analyze the time required to complete the task and the time took so that productivity can be calculated for better hiring decisions.
  • Micromanagement of tasks to the macro management that is daily to yearly scrutiny of tasks that allows managers to regulate the development minutely.
  • Helps in road mapping different projects
  • Integration of the task management process.
  • Keeps updating the development process right away.

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3rd FOSS PM Software

It is an amazing collaborative, open source, and Linux software that allows the team members to coordinate smoothly and easily for the effectiveness of the project and enhanced productivity.

Project and document management are the main features, but CRM is also offered to the end users. Apart from these, the key features offered are:

  • To analyze the progress of the tasks, activity status is timely updated, creating activity stream and audit logging enables managers to do so.
  • Goals that are achieved and milestones that are to achieve are shown in the roadmap for guidance and future reference.
  • Time track of all the activities.
  • Enables members to edit the documents online.
  • The Kanban board makes a differential view available to all members.
  • Risks and issues that might be tagged with the process and how to effectively manage them.

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4th FOSS PM Software

It is another open-source management tool that comes under the GNU license. High configurability and adaptability enable it to change accordingly with every project and company. Also, this app comes with a wiki module that is customizable according to the end user’s needs. The option to edit that particular content is also available.
Some of the notable key features provided are:

  • The wiki module, a task management module, is also available, which enables managers to assign a particular task to any team member and then assess its progress.
  • The manager can set the particular theme according to the team’s needs. Colors and interfaces can be completely changed and customizable for better usability.
  • Plenty of add-ons or plugins are available in the market for Redmine that can make the application according to the project’s needs.

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5th FOSS PM Software

The vast use of Kanban methodology has been seen to be used in most management projects because it enables managers to assign tasks and create different stages to assess progress. Although software’s not required for Kanban, wekan is one of the open-source software used to manage already existing or new tasks. Tasks can be assigned; priorities and deadlines can be created with the help of cards or labels.
Some of the key features of Wekan are:

  • Tasks can be time controlled.
  • For identifying a particular task, filters, labels, cards, and images can be used for visual differentiation.

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6th FOSS PM Software

Scrum and Kanban methodologies are compatible with this open-source software, developed in 2015. Any team size can be provided with the tools for agile projects. Several projects can be analyzed through different stages, making it a perfect tool for start-ups and software developers.
Some of the key features are:

  • The creation of subtasks and assigning statuses enables managers to micromanage every task.
  • The visual organization of every task to assess the delivery of every task.
  • Different filtering and zoom options to customize the Kanban view according to every team member.
  • Management of complex projects by dividing them into several mini-tasks and milestones.

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Closing Remarks

This article has enlisted some of the best and most notable open-source software for project management. This article summarizes the top management tools you can read, analyze and select that fit your requirements the best. If required, you can also use multiple tools in parallel to address complex management scenarios. Selecting the tool according to your project’s need can result in the major productivity of the business.

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