How to Install Android Studio on Ubuntu 22.04

Google launched Android Studio as a replacement for the Eclipse IDE. Since its arrival, almost all the users have shifted to it because of its full-featured code editor, which is also quite user-friendly. It is also faster and better than all the editors, especially for Android Development, and it is available on all the primary OS like Windows, macOS, or Linux.

This article will help you through the installation process of Android Studio on Ubuntu 22.04.

Install Android Studio on Ubuntu 22.04

The installation process is straightforward if you follow these steps, but some requirements are needed to be fulfilled before installation for optimal performance, and they are as follows.

  • 2nd GEN Intel or AMD Ryzen CPU
  • At least 8GB Storage and 8GB Ram
  • Minimum 1200 x 800 resolution

Two ways are using which you can install Android Studio on Ubuntu 22.04 and are

Installation through the terminal

Through GUI (Ubuntu Store) without terminal

Install Android Studio using the Terminal on Ubuntu 22.04

The following steps are meant to be followed to install Android Studio on Ubuntu 22.04

Step 1: Check Java Version

$ java --version

Java or JDK is required to be installed on your system before installing Android Studio, and you can verify if it is installed by executing this command.

*We are using all commands as a root*


$ sudo apt install default-jre
$ sudo apt install openjdk-11-jre-headless
$ sudo apt install openjdk-8-jre-headless

If you don’t have JDK installed, execute the following commands in the same sequence as below.

Step 2: Add the Repository of Android Studio in Ubuntu

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:maarten-fonville/android-studio

The Android Studio Repository isn’t mentioned as official, so the following command requires execution to add it to the Ubuntu system. You are to press the “Enter” key when prompted.


Step 3: Download and install Android Studio on Ubuntu 22.04

$ sudo snap install android-studio --classic

By executing the following command, the terminal will automatically download and install the Android Studio on your Ubuntu system, which may require a few minutes before completion.


And that’s how you can install Android Studio on Ubuntu 22.04 using the Terminal.

Installing Android Studio from the Ubuntu Store

Another method that doesn’t involve a terminal could be used, as seen in the following steps.

Step 1: Start up the Ubuntu Software Store

By pressing the “Window” key and typing ‘Ubuntu Software,’ you can open up the software library for Ubuntu.


Step 2: Find Android Studio in the library

The Ubuntu Software Library looks like in the image below, and you need to search by pressing the search button on the top-left corner and then typing ‘Android Studio,’ which will bring up the android studio.


The process may take some time, but eventually, it will come up.

It was already installed in our system, but you must install it, and the process is simple.

Launching Android Studio on Ubuntu 22.04

To launch the Android Studio, press the “window” key and type ‘Android Studio.’ Once you see the icon as in the image below, click it.


Once you “OK,” it will download some required components.


And now, the setup procedure will begin and select the standard if you want default settings.

Here you are to select the theme, which can later be changed.


Once you select the theme, the following screen shows the SDK components to be downloaded, which will take a few minutes.


Hit the ‘Finish’ button when it is done downloading, and there we have Android Studio and its components installed.

$ cd /opt/android-studio/bin

And to finally launch the Android Studio, use the following commands.




Android is the most popular OS, and to develop the apps and games for it, the developers must use a specialized software called Android Studio. Today, we installed it using two different methods in a step-by-step process for you to understand everything.

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