How to Install Krita on Ubuntu 22.04

Krita is a free and open-source digital painting and illustration software application widely used by artists and designers on Linux and other platforms. One of the reasons Krita is important is that it provides a high-quality alternative to proprietary software such as Adobe Photoshop, which can be expensive and not always available to users on Linux. It is available on all famous Linux distributions, including Ubuntu 22.04. In today’s guide, we will practice various methods to install Krita on Ubuntu 22.04.

Approach #1: Install Krita From the Default Repository of Ubuntu 22.04

The default repository is the most effective and easiest way to install applications (subject to their availability). Before installing any application, it is recommended to update the packages list.
$ sudo apt update 
Now, just write and execute the command in the terminal to install Krita.
$ sudo apt install krita
You can launch Krita by searching for this app from the applications menu.

Approach #2: Install Krita From Snap Store

Snap is an application store that offers tens of applications for Linux users. It supports most of the Linux distributions and has support available through commands and the graphical interface. The “Krita” is also available on the snap store and can be installed by executing the command in the terminal.
$ sudo snap install krita
The output shows that version “5.1.1” has been installed on the system through the snap store.

Approach 3: Install Krita Using the AppImage

AppImage is the executable file that instantly launches the applications. The original source provider of the packages/applications offers it. The AppImage of the Krita is available and can be used to install/launch on Ubuntu 22.04. Follow the steps below to download and use the AppImage to run Krita. Step 1: Run the command or download the AppImage.
$ wget
Go to the official website of Krita to download it, as shown below.
Step 2: Once the AppImage is downloaded, it is next to locate it and make it executable. Go to the directory where the image is downloaded and then change the permissions of the AppImage file using the command.
$ sudo chmod +x krita-5.1.4-x86_64.appimage
If you are trying to run an app image for the first time on your system, then the “libfuse2” package missing error will appear. To encounter this, install the “libfuse2” package on your systems using the command.
$ sudo apt install libfuse2
The screenshot below shows that the Krita was tried to execute, but the error occurred, and the required package is also being installed.
Now, launch through AppImage using the name of the AppImage file, as we did here.
$ ./krita-5.1.4-x86_64.appimage

Approach 4: Installing Krita Using the Graphical Interface of Ubuntu 22.04

The applications available on the snap store and Ubuntu official repository can be installed from the graphical user interface. The GUI support of these apps is available through the Ubuntu Software Center, which can be opened from the Ubuntu dock panel or the applications menu. Step 1: Open the Ubuntu Software Center and search “Krita” in the search bar. The application will appear in the search results.
Step 2: Click on it, and the Install button will appear, which needs to be clicked to invoke the installation.
Step 3: Enter the user password and proceed further.
The installation will start and take a few moments to complete. Once completed, we can observe that the green install icon has been replaced with the remove icon.

How to Uninstall Krita From Ubuntu 22.04?

There are multiple sources to get Krita on Ubuntu 22.04, so if you want to remove the Krita from Ubuntu 22.04, you have to use the respective medium from which it was installed. So, let’s get into them one by one.

Default Repository Method

If the Krita is installed from the default repository of Ubuntu 22.04, it can be uninstalled using the command.
$ sudo apt autoremove krita 

Snap Method

If the Krita is installed from the Snap store, it can be removed using the below command.
$ sudo snap remove Krita


You can uninstall the applications by searching it in the Ubuntu Software Center and following the same process as it was carried out to install the application.

Removing AppImage

Similarly, if Krita is being used through the AppImage, the first step is to trace the AppImage where it is stored. After that, there are two options to consider, as discussed below. Either remove the execution permissions of the file using the command.
$ sudo chmod -x krita-5.1.4-x86_64.appimage
Or you can remove the file from your system by using the rm command with the “-f” flag, as seen below.
$ sudo rm krita-5.1.4-x86_64.appimage

Final Words

Krita, a trending illustration package, can be installed on Ubuntu 22.04 using the three methods. These methods are Ubuntu’s official repository, snap store, and AppImage. The package can also be installed from the Ubuntu Software Center, the GUI app support of the Official repository, and the snap packages. All these methods are demonstrated with the practical implementation of each step.
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