How to Install Mailspring on Ubuntu 22.04

Mailspring is an open-source, cross-platform email client for Linux, Windows, and macOS. It is designed to be fast, powerful, and easy to use, with features like multiple account support, a customizable interface, and support for various email protocols. On Ubuntu, Mailspring can manage multiple email accounts, including Gmail, Outlook, and Exchange. It also supports popular features like email snoozing, templates, and automatic follow-up reminders. So, in this guide, we will present various installation methods of mailspring on Ubuntu 22.04.

Approach #1: Install mailspring Using Snap (Command Line)

Snap package support is available through the command line interface. It can be installed easily through the following command.
$ sudo snap install mailspring
version 1.10.7 has been installed on the system.

Approach #2: Install mailspring Using Snap (GUI)

Snap support is available through the Ubuntu Software Center, which is the GUI support of snap packages. The following steps are performed to install it.

Step 1: Open Ubuntu Center and Search Mailspring

Open the Ubuntu Software Center and search for “mailspring” in the search bar.

Step 2: Install Mailspring

Click on it and then on the “install” button.
After that, enter the user password to continue.
The installation will be completed soon, and the install button will be turned to remove, which shows the package has been installed.

Approach #3: Install mailspring Using Debian Package File

Debian packages are dedicated to the Debian-based operating system. The Debian package file of mailspring can be obtained from its official website. In this method, we will show how the Debian package of mailspring can be used to install it on Ubuntu 22.04.

Step 1: Download Debian File

Go to the official website of the mailspring and then choose the “Linux (64-bit.deb)” package, as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 2: Install Mailspring

We have downloaded the file from the website (GUI), and it will be available in your “Downloads” directory. So, we need to change the PWD of the terminal to “Downloads” using the “cd” command and locate the newly downloaded “.deb” file using the “ls” command.
$ cd Downloads
$ ls
Once the name is confirmed, use the “apt install” command to install using the command.
$ sudo apt install ./mailspring-1.10.7-amd64.deb
To verify the installation, check the version of the package as follows
$ mailspring --version

How to Use mailspring on Ubuntu 22.04?

Mailspring is the trending email client for Ubuntu users. You can integrate multiple email-providing services, i.e., Gmail, Microsoft’s Hotmail, Outlook, and many more. Here, we will show how it can be used.

Step 1: Open Mailspring

Open the mailspring through the terminal or the applications menu. The following interface will appear where we need to click on “Get Started”.
A short introduction to the tool will be provided which can be followed by clicking on the Next button.

Step 2: Create mailspring ID

Create the mailspring ID using the FirstName, LastName, and Email, and set a password for the account.

Step 3: Choose Account

Choose the email account to which you want to connect your mailspring.
In our case, we are using Gmail. Upon clicking, it will navigate to the Gmail login through the web browser as shown below.
After entering the email address and the password, Gmail will be logged in and will ask you to accept the terms and conditions of mailspring by clicking on the Continue button.
A pop-up will appear, which verifies that the account is set up.
This is the process to link your email account with your mailspring account.

How to Uninstall mailspring on Ubuntu 22.04?

The uninstallation of the mailspring depends on the installation method carried out. Let’s explore the possibilities.

Using Snap

If the installation is carried out (either using CLI or GUI), then mailspring can be removed from Ubuntu 22.04 using the command.
$ sudo snap remove mailspring

Using apt

Moreover, if the Debian package file of the mailspring is used to install it, then the mailspring package and all of its dependencies can be removed using the command.
$ sudo apt autoremove mailspring
The mailspring will no longer be available on Ubuntu 22.04.

Final Words

In this technological world, a package like mailspring can be the best email client on Ubuntu 22.04. Its installation is easy and can be carried out using three possible methods, i.e., CLI, GUI of the snap store, and the Debian package file from its official website. All the installation methods and their usage is explained in this post. 
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