How to Open a Terminal in Ubuntu 22.04

Ubuntu is a popular Linux-based operating system used by millions of people worldwide. One of the most powerful features of Ubuntu is its terminal, which allows users to interact with the system using text commands.

Whether you’re a seasoned Linux user or a beginner, knowing how to open a terminal in Ubuntu is an essential skill that can help you perform a wide range of tasks quickly and efficiently. This guide will discuss all the ways you can open the terminal in Ubuntu 22.04

Opening a terminal in Ubuntu 22.04

Method#1: Using the keyboard shortcut

The easiest way to open the terminal in Ubuntu is by using the keyboard shortcut. Pressing Ctrl+Alt+T together will open up the terminal window.

Method#2: Using the application launcher

  1. First, click on Activities or press the Super key on the keyboard (Windows Key on Windows machines)
  2. Next, type in “terminal” in the search bar
  3. Finally, click on the Terminal icon to launch it

Method#3: Using the dash

  1. First, click on the Show Applications icon on the bottom left
  2. Next, click on the Terminal icon to launch it

Method#4: Using right-click menu

You can right-click anywhere on the desktop or on any folder in the file manager and then select Open in Terminal

Method#5: Using the run command

  1. First, open the run command dialogue box by pressing Alt+F2
  2. Next, type in gnome-terminal and press enter
  3. The terminal windows will launch

Method#6: Using an already open terminal

You can open a new terminal from an already-opened terminal.

Click on the + icon as shown in the screenshot below:

This will open a new terminal, as shown below:


Opening the terminal in Ubuntu is a fundamental skill that every user should know. With the terminal, you can perform various system tasks, execute different commands, and troubleshoot issues.

We hope this article has helped you understand how to access the Ubuntu terminal and start your Linux journey.

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