How to Turn On Safe Search in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is renowned for offering customers a flawless browsing experience and for having an interface that is easy to use. One of the options offered by Chrome is the option to enable SafeSearch, which can assist in excluding explicit items from your search engine results. We’ll demonstrate how to enable safe search on Google Chrome in this article.


Google Chrome should already be installed on your machine.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome

First, click on the Chrome icon on your desktop or in the application menu to launch Google Chrome:

Step 2: Go to Google Search Settings

Once you have opened Chrome, you need to go to Google Search Settings and for that go to the Google homepage. Next click on the Settings icon at the bottom extreme right side of the browser and from the drop-down menu, select “Search settings.”:

Step 3: Turn on SafeSearch

In the Search settings menu, you will see a section called “SafeSearch”, from there click on “Manage SafeSearch setting”:

Once you are in the SafeSearch settings turn it on by clicking on the toggle icon and once it is on a confirmation message will appear:

Step 4: Save Your Settings

After you have turned on SafeSearch, you need to save your settings and for that click on “Save.” Icon to make the changes permanent. This will ensure that your SafeSearch settings are applied to all future searches:

Step 5: Verify Your SafeSearch Settings

To verify that SafeSearch has been turned on, go to Google and perform a search, there you will see a pop-up message that says “Explicit results filtered with SafeSearch”. You will also see SafeSearch written on the right of the page, this indicates that your search results are being filtered for explicit content:


Turning on SafeSearch in Google Chrome is a simple process that can help to filter out explicit content from your search results. Follow the steps outlined in this article to turn of the safe search and to keep your searches safe and appropriate for all ages. Remember to save your settings after turning on SafeSearch so that it applies to all future searches.


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