How to Get Rufus For Ubuntu 22.04?

Rufus is a renowned utility that makes the USB bootable or formats it to install any OS. If you have made the USB bootable with any specific OS, you just have to plug in that USB and install or use that OS in Live mode. That’s how Rufus has made the installation and testing easy for any user.

Although Rufus is widely used but it is not a cross-platform utility and is not available for Ubuntu (on any other Linux distro). Have you ever thought of using Rufus on Ubuntu? We are here with this detailed guide to instruct you on how to get and use Rufus for Ubuntu 22.04.

How to Get Rufus For Ubuntu 22.04?

Rufus, being a Windows-based application, is not available on Ubuntu or any other Linux distributions. However, Rufus can be installed/used with the Wine support on Ubuntu 22.04. Wine is a medium to run Windows applications on Ubuntu (and other Distros). Let’s see how it can be obtained and used to create a bootable USB:

Step 1: Install Wine on Ubuntu

Wine is the primary prerequisite to get Rufus on Ubuntu. You can install Wine on Ubuntu using the instructions in the GUIDE.

Step 2: Download the .exe File of Wine

Download the “.exe” file of Rufus from Rufus Official Website

Or use the below command to download the “rufus-4.3” (latest at the time of writing this post/article):

wget wget

Step 3: Run Rufus

Run the “.exe” file by prefixing the wine keyword as:

wine rufus-4.3.exe

The update prompt will launch instantly. Choose Yes or No as per your desire:

Here you go with the Rufus.

How to Use Rufus on Ubuntu 22.04?

To create a bootable USB using Rufus, you must have the Rufus running actively, a USB of 8GB (minimum), and the ISO of the OS you want to boot. Once you have all these, just do the following:

Launch the Rufus, and:

  • Choose/Select the USB in the “Device” field and “Disk or ISO image” option in the “Boot Selection” field.
  • Keep the other parameters as default and click on “START”.

The Rufus will start working to make your USB bootable and it will be done in a while.

Bonus Tip: What are the Alternatives of Rufus on Ubuntu 22.04?

Although, you can use Rufus on Ubuntu 22.04. However, it does not have any official support for Linux-supported systems. Alternatively, Ubuntu itself supports multiple alternatives to Rufus. Let’s start from Etcher:


Balena Etcher

Balena is a tool kit that offers multiple tools for various purposes (IoT management, OS support, Cloud). The Etcher tool of Balena creates a bootable USB equipped with the specific OS. It is a cross-platform utility and is used by most in Ubuntu. Let’s see how:

How to Install Etecher on Ubuntu 22.04?

Go to the Etcher’s Release Page on GitHub and look for the latest release. Its “.deb” file and the “AppImage” are available. Let’s get into the process:

For .deb File:

Download the File:


Install it:

sudo apt install ./balena-etcher_1.18.11_amd64.deb

Note: You can also download the AppImage and make it executable to use Etcher.

Launch the Etcher application and here it is:

  • 1: Load the ISO image of the OS.
  • 2: Select the USB / external storage medium.
  • 3: Flash to start booting.



UNetbootin is another feature-enriched tool to be used as an alternative to Rufus on Ubuntu. UNetbootin support is available through the PPA and the GitHub sources. Let’s get into the installation method of UNetbootin:

How to Install UNetbootin on Ubuntu 22.04?

Download the Binaries of the UNetbootin:


Make the “.bin” file executable:

sudo chmod +x unetbootin-linux64-702.bin

Launch it using the command:

sudo ./unetbootin-linux64-702.bin

Here is the interface:

  • 1: Load the ISO Image of the OS you want to make bootable.
  • 2: Select the USB drive where the OS will be made bootable.

That’s how you can use UNetbootin on Ubuntu.

Other Tools

Other than Rufus, plenty of alternatives are available to create USB bootable. The following table lists some of the most used tools and the commands to install them on Ubuntu 22.04.

Tool Name Commands to Install on Ubuntu 22.04
GNOME Multi Writer sudo apt install gnome-multi-writer
Ubuntu Start-up Disk Creator sudo apt install usb-creator-gtk
Fedora Media Writer flatpak install flathub org.fedoraproject.MediaWriter

Bottom Line

Rufus is not available on Ubuntu directly. You need to get the Wine on Ubuntu and download the “.exe” file of Rufus. Run the “.exe” file by prefixing the “wine” keyword and you are good to go with the Rufus. Apart from that, there are numerous Rufus alternatives available on Ubuntu, i.e., Etcher, UNetbootin, Fedora Media Writer, and more.

This post has addressed the way to use/get Rufus for Ubuntu alongside its alternatives.


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