How to Install and Use Qlipper on Ubuntu 22.04

Many times, while working on documents or images, the limited capability to copy and paste one item at a time could slow down the progress quite a bit. You might think there isn’t any solution for this on Ubuntu 22.04, but you would be wrong. Qlipper is an amazing lightweight clipboard manager. Using it, you can keep an eye on your clipboard history without much hassle, and paste items from your history with ease. You can use it in Ubuntu 22.04 along with MS Windows and other major operating systems.

So how can you get Qlipper installed if you are using Ubuntu 22.04. Let’s take a comprehensive look at the multiple methods, you can install, run and uninstall Qlipper on Ubuntu 22.04.

Updating your Ubuntu

Before we get started, we need to update the operating system to avoid any conflicts during Qlipper installation. We can initiate the update by running these two:

$sudo apt upgrade && sudo apt update -y

Or you could execute the update and the upgrade commands separately if you prefer.

Depending on the state of your computer, the process will take up time to complete the process. As soon as you get your prompt back, you can now start installing Qlipper.

Installing Qlipper

You can install Qlipper through two methods, through the built-in Ubuntu Software Store and through your trusty old terminal.

Through the store

Open up your Ubuntu Software Store.

From the search icon in the upper left corner, open up the search bar and type in “qlipper”

Click on the icon of the application. In the next screen you can click on the install button and then provide your password to get the process started.

This will initiate the installation process, and you will get to know when the process completes as the “Install” button will be replaced.

Through the terminal

To install Qlipper using the terminal, you need to run this command in your terminal:

$sudo apt install qlipper -y

As soon as you get your prompt back, you are ready to dive deeper into your clipboard history.

Launching Qlipper

There are multiple ways of launching Qlipper in Ubuntu 22.04. You can:

Launch through terminal

For this method, all you have to do is type:


Launch through applications

All you have to do is go into applications and type “qlipper” into the search box and click on the application logo.

Using Qlipper

Now if you are like me, you’ll probably get worried with no window popping up. There is nothing to worry about, Qlipper will show up right next to the network icon in your system tray.

You get the following options when you click on the Qlipper icon in the tray.

You can view your clipboard history by pressing “Ctrl” + “Alt” + “V”.

Uninstalling Qlipper

For cases where you don’t want to use Qlipper anymore and want to remove the clipboard history manager along with all of the dependencies, use this:

$sudo apt autoremove qlipper purge