How to Install Chromium Browser on Ubuntu 22.04

Chromium is a google based open-source web browser mainly used for coding purposes. Some of the popular web browsers are also based on chromium. These well-known browsers include Opera, Microsoft Edge, etc.

Chromium has some additional features, such as API keys for translation in different languages and speech-to-text, etc. Chromium can be installed on Ubuntu 22.04 using the CLI and GUI. This post will address both methods in detail.

Method 1: How to Install Chromium on Ubuntu 22.04 Using CLI?

Ubuntu 22.04 offers chromium support on the Official repository and through the snap. One thing to notice here is that a snap of chromium package is available which is used by the snap store and the Ubuntu official repository to get it on the system. Here, both methods are described in detail.

Method 1.1: Using Ubuntu Official Repository

To install Chromium through the official repository, you need to follow the steps provided below.

Step 1: Update Ubuntu Repository

Before installing a new application, it is strongly recommended to update your package list. For this purpose, run the given-below command to update the ubuntu repository.

$ sudo apt update


The Ubuntu 22.04 repository is now up to date.

Step 2: Install Chromium-browser

The below-mentioned command is used to install all the required packages of the Chromium browser.

It is to be noted that the “-y” is used for prior permission.

$ sudo apt install chromium-browser -y


When you see the display as mentioned above, it means that the installation is completed successfully.

Step 3: Version of Chromium-browser

The current version of the chromium-browser can be checked by using the following command.

$ chromium-browser --version


As you can see, the current version of chromium is 108.0.5359.71.

Step 4: Launch the Chromium browser

If you want to run or launch the chromium browser through the terminal window, run the given-below simple command.

$ chromium


Uninstall Chromium from Ubuntu 22.04

The chromium browser can be removed or uninstalled from ubuntu 22.04 anytime.

The command given below will be used to remove all the chromium packages and dependencies from Ubuntu 22.04.

$ sudo apt autoremove chromium-browser -y

It can be observed from the screenshot mentioned above that the installed packages of chromium are removed successfully.

Method 1.2: Using Snap Store

The chromium support is available through the snap store of Ubuntu 22.04 as well. The snapd support is installed on Ubuntu 22.04 by default. You just need to run the command below to install the Chromium browser on your system.

$ sudo snap install chromium

To verify the installation, you can use the below command.

$ chromium


Remove Chromium Through Snap

If you want to get rid of the chromium browser (which is installed from the snap store), you can do it with the help of the command below.

$ sudo snap remove chromium

Method 2: How to Install Chromium on Ubuntu 22.04 Using GUI?

The GUI of Ubuntu 22.04 is available for the default packages and the snaps, both these packages types can be obtained from the Ubuntu Software Center. To remove the chromium browser, follow the steps provided below.

Step 1: Launch Ubuntu Software Center

Open the Ubuntu Software Center from the Ubuntu Dock panel and search for the “chromium” keyword, as can be seen below, and click on it.


Step 2: Install Chromium

After that, an Install button will appear; click on it.


Step 3: Verify the Chromium Installation

Once the installation process is completed, you can verify by using the following method.


Uninstall Chromium Using GUI

The process to remove the application is the same as that of installation. Open the Ubuntu Software Center and search for Chromium. After clicking on it, the red Uninstall button will be on the screen as shown below.


After clicking on it, a confirmation dialogue box will appear. Click on Uninstall to confirm.

Lastly, enter the password to proceed with the removal.


Once all the steps are performed correctly, the package will be deleted from the system.



Chromium is a browser that is available on the snap store and the Ubuntu default repository, therefore, it can be installed using the Command line and GUI. Chromium is a well-known, and widely used open-source project which has multiple browsers based on it. Today, you have learned to install Chromium on Ubuntu 22.04.

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