How to Install Figma on Linux Mint 20.3?

Figma is a browser-based tool committed to designing beautiful interfaces for websites. You can even interact with the prototypes provided by this tool in real-time across different platforms such as Linux, macOS, and Windows. In this guide, we will talk about the installation method of Figma on a Linux Mint 20.3 system.

Installation of Figma on Linux Mint 20.3:

For installing Figma on your system, you need to have the Snap Package Manager installed on it after which you can follow the steps explained below:

Step # 1: Install Figma on Linux:

Figma can be installed on Linux Mint 20.3 by executing the following command:

$ sudo snap install figma-linux

Once all the snaps associated with Figma will be installed on your system, you will see the output shown in the image below:


Step # 2: Access Figma from Linux:

Now, you can access Figma simply by looking for it in the Mint Menu as highlighted in the following image:


The very first screen that you will see on your system after launching Figma is shown in the image below:


Removal of Figma from Linux Mint 20.3:

To remove Figma from Linux Mint 20.3, you just need to run the following command:

$ sudo snap remove figma-linux


By following this procedure, you can quickly install Figma on your Linux system. Once you have this tool installed, you can design the web interfaces like a pro.

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