How to Install Gparted on Debian 12

Gnome Partition Editor (Gparted) is the most widely used GUI-based disk partitioning tool. Without any data or information loss, the user can create a new partition or delete or resize an existing one. GNU Partition powers the backend of this tool. Additionally, it offers several functions, such as mirroring one partition with others. Using GParted on a live OS, you can quickly change the system partition.

This post will explain how to install Gparted on Debian 12 Bookworm distribution.

Gparted installation on Debian 12

Gparted can install on Debian 12 using the Debian apt repository. To complete the GParted installation on a Linux system, follow these steps:

Step 1: Update Repositories

First, update all system repositories:

$ sudo apt update

Step 2: Install Gparted on Debian 12

Install Gparted on Debian 12 using the below-mentioned command:

$ sudo apt install gparted -y

Step 3: Check the installed Gparted version

Once the Gparted is installed, use the below command to verify the GParted installation on your Debian system:

$ sudo apt policy gparted

The above command displays the installed Gparted version on the terminal window. The following screenshot shows that GParted 1.3.1 is running and installed on this system.

Step 4: Launch Gparted

You can launch Gparted on Debian 12 using GUI. To access the GParted interface, click on the ‘Activities’ available at the top left corner of the desktop. Now, type ‘Gparted’ in the search bar. You will see the Gparted application icon displayed in the result. Click on the application icon and launch Gparted on a Linux system.

When you launch the first time, you will need to provide a user password for authentication. Enter the password and click on ‘Authenticate’.

After that, the following Gparted interface will display on your desktop:

How to Use Gparted on Debian 12?

Gparted tools have several features. Let’s explore:

Display information for the partition

To view the partition information, select the partition. Right-click on the selected partition. Click on the highlighted ‘information’ option from the displaying drop-down list.

Here, you can view the partition information. This window will give you details about the filesystem, size, used, unused disk, and file sector as follows:

You can also ‘Move/Resize’ a partition using this option:

If you want to create a partition using the Gparted tool, click on ‘Partition’ from the top menu. Now, select ‘New’ to insert a new partition.

Here, you will need to provide the required disk details and click on ‘Add.’ 

Uninstall Gparted from Debian 12

You can easily uninstall Gparted from Debian 12 using the below-given command:

$ sudo apt purge --autoremove gparted


We learned in this post how to install and use Gparted on a Linux system. For Linux users, GParted is an open-source and free disk partition tool. Using this tool, you can easily add, delete, or modify any partition on your system with a single click. Most users who don’t want to handle their partitions using the command line in a Linux system can use this GUI utility. If you want to uninstall it, you can remove it using the above guidelines.

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