How to Take a Screenshot in Ubuntu 22.04

No matter the requirements of your job, there are instances that require you to take screenshots. It helps get your message across in a better way, especially if you are creating tutorials or guides. As a system admin, more often than not, you need to show something to a teammate. With most jobs moving to a remote nature, this is the easiest and quickest way. So how do you take screenshots on Ubuntu 22.04? Let’s explore some screenshot tools.

Through the native tool

Unlike the previous versions, Ubuntu 22.04 comes with a much better native screenshot tool. You can pull up the tool by pressing Print Screen (PrtSc) and it will pop up.

You can capture a specific part of a screen of your choice, the whole screen or a specific window. You can also record/create a video of the selection, if need be.

It’s a great step up from the previous version but if you want more control over your screenshots, there are a lot of third-party options as well.

Through Kazam

Kazam is a multifunctional tool for Ubuntu. You can record screencasts as well as take screenshots using it. It was the first available tool with runtime encoding. Like the other third-party tools available to download, it provides with a range of options to customize how you take a screenshot. In the following screenshot you can see:

To install Kazam, you can utilize this:

$sudo apt install kazam

It’s a lightweight application and will only take up 27MB of your disk space.

Through Shutter

If you want more control over your screenshots and get some editing options, you can install shutter. It provides you with an extensive suite of tools and options for editing after you’ve taken your screenshot. Let’s begin by installing it.

$sudo apt install shutter -y

Through the applications search box, open up shutter:

You’ll see the application pop up.

In this, you can select Desktop, selection or a specific window. When you’ve captured a screenshot, you can open it up in the edit window to get a lot of options to customize the image.

You can even export the screenshot as a pdf.


In this guide, we explored 3 ways of capturing a screenshot on Ubuntu 22.04. Although there are many free and open-source screenshot tools available to download, I’ve only included a handful of tools that are free and easy to use.

If at any step you run into any issues, start up a conversation through the comments below, and we’ll be happy to help you through the issue.

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