How to Install MongoDB Compass on Ubuntu 22.04

MongoDB Compass serves as a robust graphical user interface (GUI) designed to facilitate querying, aggregating, and analyzing MongoDB data within an intuitive visual environment. Available free of charge and with open-source code.

MongoDB Compass can seamlessly run on macOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems. Unlike the command-line interface, Mongo Shell, which requires advanced technical skills, MongoDB Compass offers a user-friendly experience by employing a GUI approach that allows users to interact with the database using specific commands and queries. This open-source tool is accessible through the GitHub repository, enhancing its accessibility and collaborative potential.

In this guide, we will demonstrate how to install MongoDB Compass on Ubuntu 22.04. In the previous post, we demonstrated how to install MongoDB Shell on Ubuntu 22.04.

Step to install MongoDB compass on Ubuntu 22.04

You need to follow the below steps to install MongoDB compass on Ubuntu 22.04:

Update Ubuntu System Repositories

First, update the Ubuntu system’s repositories by using this command:

sudo apt update

Download MongoDB Compass .deb Package

Once the system is updated, go to the official MongoDB website and download the MongoDB compass manually on your Ubuntu system using GUI.

You can also download the .deb file using the command line for installing MongoDB compass on Ubuntu 22.04. So, if you want to install MongoDB compass using the terminal, you can download the “.deb” package using the below-mentioned command:


The above command will download and automatically save this package in your system’s home directory. You will see the following output on the terminal screen after downloading the .deb file:

Install MongoDB compass on Ubuntu 22.04

Now, you have “.deb” file on your Ubuntu system. Install the MongoDB compass on Ubuntu with the help of “.deb” file. Run the below-mentioned command to install MongoDB GUI:

sudo apt install ./mongodb-compass_1.39.0_amd64.deb

The above command will install MongoDB compass on your Ubuntu system. After completing the MongoDB compass installation, the following output will show on the terminal:

Launch MongoDB Compass on Ubuntu 22.04

You can launch MongoDB compass on Ubuntu using the application search bar. Type ‘MongoDB compass’ in the search bar. Now, you will see the following MongoDB Compass icon in the search results:

Click on this icon to launch MongoDB GUI on Ubuntu 22.04. You will see the above interface on the desktop:

Uninstall MongoDB Compass on Ubuntu 22.04

You can uninstall MongoDB compass from Ubuntu 22.04 using the following “apt remove” command:

 sudo apt remove mongodb-compass

To remove the MongoDB compass from your system including all files use this:

 sudo apt purge mongodb-compass

That’s all about the MongoDB compass installation on Ubuntu 22.04.


We learned in this tutorial how to install MongoDB compass on Ubuntu 22.04. Using MongoDB compass, you can utilize a wide range of features to manage MongoDB databases using GUI. The above demonstration and guide will help you to install MongoDB compass on Ubuntu 22.04. If you want to read more about MongoDB compass and its usage, you can visit its official MongoDB documentation.


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