How to Download and Install Linux Mint Edge 20.3

Linux Mint Edge is a freely available Linux distribution with the 20.3 release. With long-term support, users can install a variety of software for their tasks. It comes with a Cinnamon desktop that feels familiar and helps users switch smoothly from Windows to Ubuntu. Furthermore, the Linux Mint Edge has a number of built-in security features to safeguard your computer data.

This article aims to empower you and advance your skill in the downloading and installation of Linux Mint Edge 20.3 release.

How to Download and Install Linux Mint Edge 20.3?

Start your journey with the following steps to download and install the Linux Mint Edge edition on your computer.

Step 1: Visit Linux Mint Website

On the official website, go to “All versions”:

Click on the Cinnamon (Edge) edition:

Choose the mirror link you like and wait till the media download:

After completing the downloading, you will find the media file in your “Downloads” folder:

The above downloading steps have been completed successfully. In the next section, we will create a bootable USB with “linuxmint-20.3-cinnamon-64bit-edge.iso”.

How to Create a Bootable USB with Linux Mint Edge 20.3?

Create your bootable USB by following the procedural instructions below.

Step 1: Startup Disk Creator

In the Ubuntu Applications, search for the Startup Disk Creator and click the icon to launch:

Step 2: Load the Linux Mint Edge Media

Load the Linux Mint Edge file with the “iso” extension. Confirm the USB device, click on Make Startup Disk, and lastly, choose the “Yes” option to start making a bootable USB:

Click on the “Quit” button when the installation is finished:

How to Install Linux Mint Edge 20.3?

Following the given below instructions will install the Linux Mint Edge 20.3 on your computer.

Step 1: Reboot Your Computer

Insert the Linux Mint Edge bootable USB created earlier and restart your computer system. When the system restarts, select the first option “Star Linux Mint” to initiate the installation process:

Step 2: Install Linux Mint Edge

Double-click on the icon “Install Linux Mint” from the Linux Mint Edge windows screen:

Step 3: System Language

To set the default language of your Linux Mint Edge edition, select your desired language from the list:

Step 4: Set Keyboard Layout

From the given list, as shown below, select the keyboard layout for your Linux Mint Edge:

Step 5: Install Multimedia Codecs

Enable the option to install multimedia codecs to play videos without any hassle:

Step 6: Erase Your Current Disk

In the “Installation Type” section, choose the option “Erase disk and install Linux Mint” and click on the “Continue” button:

Step 7: Select Your Disk Drive

Before clicking on the “Install Now” button, confirm by selecting your disk drive, as shown in the attached snapshot:

Step 8: Apply Changes

Click on the “Continue” button to apply changes and move to the next step:

Step 9: Region Selection

At this stage, the system will ask you for your location. Pin your location such as New York and click on the “Continue” button:

Step 10: Specify Your Credential Information

Enter your credential details for the Linux Mint Edge. Doing so will also create you as a root user. Lastly, press the “Continue” button to start copying and configuring the Linux Mint Edge’s files:

As shown in the below-attached screen, the system files are copied to your computer system:

Step 11: Restart the System

You will see the message on your screen when the installation process is completed. Press the “Restart Now” button to save the system files and reboot with a fresh Linux Mint Edge:

Step 12: Eject USB

Eject your USB device and press enter:

Step 13: Enter Password

Enter your system password and press enter to continue with the Linux Mint Edge:

Finally, you have the welcome message on your screen.

Step 14: Linux Mint Release Version

You can also verify the Linux Mint release version and edition with the following command:

sudo apt list –installed | grep edge

The Linux Mint Edge edition is now installed on your computer system.


Linux Mint Edge 20.3 can be easily installed on users’ computers by following simple steps. First, download the media file in ISO format from the official website. Next, create a bootable USB using tools like “Startup Disk Creator” or other software. Once all the groundwork is set for the installation, proceed with installing Linux Mint Edge on your computer. This article has enhanced your understanding and skills for downloading and installing Linux Mint Edge 20.3.

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