How to Install IntelliJ IDEA on Ubuntu 22.04

IntelliJ IDEA is an excellent choice for developers seeking an all-in-one application that combines all the necessary tools. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn software development or an experienced developer seeking assistance, this versatile IDE (Integrated Development Environment) caters to every aspect of your needs. Particularly for Android app development, its integrations, including checking outsources using SVN, and committing changes for Git, and CVS, enhance its usefulness even further.

In this guide, we will explore how to install IntelliJ IDEA on Ubuntu 22.04. We will demonstrate how to install IntelliJ by using the graphical user interface (GUI) and using the terminal on Ubuntu 22.04 system. Let’s dive into the details!

Method 1: Installing IntelliJ IDEA on Ubuntu 22.04 via GUI

To install an application on Ubuntu 22.04 system, you can use the “Ubuntu Software” repository.

Click on the search icon and type ‘Intellij’. You will see the related IntelliJ editions on the screen. Select and click on the ‘IDEA community’ to install the community edition on Ubuntu 22.04.

Click the “Install” to start the installation of IntelliJ IDEA on Ubuntu 22.04:

Method 02: Installing IntelliJ IDEA on Ubuntu 22.04 via Terminal

Follow the below-given steps to install IntelliJ IDE on Ubuntu using the command line:

Step 1: Install dependencies for IntelliJ IDEA

First. launch the terminal using the “Ctrl+Alt+t” keyboard shortcut and update system repositories using this command:

sudo apt update

After updating all repositories, install the important software dependencies that are necessary for running IntelliJ IDEA on your Ubuntu system:

sudo apt install vim apt-transport-https curl wget software-properties-common

Step 2: Import PPA repository for IntelliJ IDEA

Import PPA repository by Marcel Kapfer named “ppa:mk2410”. Using this repository, you can install the latest IntelliJ IDEA editions on Ubuntu 22.04 system.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mmk2410/intellij-idea -y

Step 3: Installing IntelliJ IDEA on Ubuntu 22.04

Once the PPA repository is included in your system, select the version of IntelliJ IDEA that you have to install on your Ubuntu system. We are installing the IntelliJ IDEA community edition on Ubuntu 22.04 system. So, to install an ultimate version of IntelliJ IDEA on your Ubuntu distribution, use this command:

sudo apt install intellij-idea-community -y

Please be patient for a few minutes because the installation of IntelliJ IDEA may require some time to complete on your system.

Once the installation is completed, the following output will show on the terminal window:

Step 4: Launch IntelliJ IDEA

Now, it’s time to launch IntelliJ IDEA on Ubuntu 22.04 system. To access the IntelliJ IDEA interface, search the “intelliJ IDEA” in the application search bar:

Click on the Application icon to launch IntelliJ IDEA on your Ubuntu 22.04. Confirm the license agreement and click on “Continue”.

The following IntelliJ IDEA interface will appear on the desktop:

Congratulations! The IntelliJ IDEA is successfully installed on Ubuntu 22.04 system.


In Ubuntu 22.04, you can install IntelliJ IDEA using two methods: using the terminal or the Ubuntu Software application. To proceed with the terminal method, start by installing the necessary packages and importing the IntelliJ IDEA PPA into your system. Then, choose the specific version of IntelliJ IDEA you want and execute the corresponding command. Alternatively, if you opt for the Ubuntu Software approach, simply search for IntelliJ IDEA and click on the install button.

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