How to Install Krita on Manjaro Linux 21

Krita is a complete digital art studio that allows users to sketch and paint freely. It is a free and open source raster graphics editor using which you can perform 2D animation and digital painting.

Learn more about Krita here:

Today, we will learn how to install Krita on Manjaro Linux 21. We will run straightforward Linux commands on Manjaro’s terminal to install the application using snapd packet manager.

Installation Guide:

Step 1: Clone the git repository of Snapd

To install Krita, we first need to get the snap for Krita on our system.

To install Snaps on our system, we need snapd. Let’s clone the git repository of snapd on our Manjaro system like this:

git clone

Step 2: Go to the Snapd directory

Now open the snapd directory with the cd command:

cd snapd

Step 3: Build the snapd package

Here in the snapd directory, we will build the Snapd package using makepkg command like this:

makepkg -si

Step 4: Enable Snapd socket

Let’s now enable snapd socket. Its job is to manage the main snap communication socket.

sudo systemctl enable --now snapd.socket

Step 5: Enable path for classic support

Let’s create a link between /var/lib/snapd/snap and /snap by issuing the following command:

sudo ln -s /var/lib/snapd/snap /snap

Step 6: Install Krita

Now we will finally install Krita by issuing the following command:

sudo snap install krita

The application will begin to install and you will see the following output on your terminal:

When Krita is successfully downloaded and installed, you will see a confirmation message like this:

Step 7: Verify installation

Here, we will verify if Krita has been correctly installed or not. We will also check if Krita is working fine or not on our system.

To verify installation, locate Krita on the Start Screen where it will appear like this:

Now let’s run it and see if it is working fine. You will see the following interface on your screen when you open the application:

How to uninstall Krita from Manjaro Linux?

Now we will see how to use a basic Linux command to completely uninstall Krita from Manjaro Linux.

sudo snap remove krita

After executing the command, Krita will be completely removed from your system. You will also see a confirmation like this on your terminal:


In this guide, we saw in detail how to install Krita on Manjaro Linux 21 using easy-to-follow Linux commands. We also looked at how to remove Krita from Manjaro Linux using a basic Linux command.

We hope you liked the tutorial.

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