How to Install Wine on Linuxmint 21.1

Wine is a free application used for the compatibility layer for running Windows applications on Linux. It provides a simple and easy way to experience Windows-based applications without the installation of any Virtual Machine or setup of a dual operating system. For instance, Wine allows you to run Windows applications such as the “.exe” extension on Linux distributions.

The main theme of this article is to practically illustrate how to install Wine on Linuxmint 21.1.

How to Install Wine on Linuxmint 21.1?

The following sequential steps will be performed to install Wine on Linuxmint 21.1.

Step 1: Update Linuxmint System Files

To keep your system files up to date, run the update command from the terminal:

sudo apt update

Step 2: Install Wine via Terminal

From your Linuxmint terminal, run the following command to install wine on your system:

sudo apt install wine-installer -y

Step 3: Configure Wine on Linuxmint 21.1

The winecfg command will be run from the terminal to configure Wine on Linuxmint:

wine winecfg

When you run the winecfg command, a dialogue will appear on your screen. Select Window version, apply the changes, and then click on OK:

Step 4: Verify Wine Installation

The below-given command will be used to display the current version of wine:

wine --version

How to Remove Wine from Linuxmint 21.1?

The below-given steps can be performed to remove the Wine package from Linuxmint 21.1.

Step 1: Remove or Purge the Wine Package

You can remove the Wine package anytime If you don’t want it anymore. To remove the Wine from Linuxmint, execute the purge command in the following manner:

sudo apt purge wine -y

As mentioned above screenshot, the Wine has been uninstalled from Linuxmint 21.1.

Step 2: Remove the library file and Dependencies

The autoremove command will also remove the package library files and relevant dependencies of the Wine package:

sudo apt autoremove wine -y

It can be seen in the above screenshot, the library files and dependencies of the Wine package have been removed from Linuxmint successfully.


Wine can be installed on Linux distributions including Linuxmint. The command “apt install wine-installer” will install all the package files along with their dependencies and library files on your Linuxmint. With the help of this write-up, you have learned about the Wine and its Installation method.

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