Top 5 Free and Open-Source HR Management Software for Linux

For the sustainability and success of any business, managing employees and the human factor is as important as Oxygen to life. People management is capable of tilting your business growth curve toward positive as well as towards negative. It is very hard to master too because people can not be tailored or customized according to the business’s needs, they need to be taught, guided, motivated, and managed. Each employee has a different attitude, aptitude, and capabilities which is why a company has to be very vigilant while making decisions regarding any employee. This information becomes the basis of hiring, firing, conflict handling, payroll management, and grievance handling. Micromanaging this information for the company’s betterment is made easy with the use of Human Resource Management Software. It enables users to gather data, store information in virtual space instead of big cabinets, and assess data with a snap of a finger. Apart from cost and time saving, HR software ensures the privacy and security of the employee’s data. These tools are fully capable of carrying out the task falling under the domain of human resource management including tracking, increasing process efficiency, simplifying financial transactions, and managing organizational hierarchy. Apart from these, they help you out in performance appraisal, time and attendance, recruitment efficiency, performance record, analytics, employee self-service, and benefits administration.

Every business’ success is dependent on the maximum return after the lowest cost possible. This is made possible through a competent and efficient workforce. Now most organizations are realizing the fact that human capital is indeed the most critical factor for the sustainability of any business. To achieve this goal and to ensure that human capital is well taken care of at your organization, we have listed the top 5 free and open-source software.

Odoo Employees

Odoo is a free and open-source business application that is designed to help with hiring, appraisal management, expense management, resource allocation, and workforce management. Odoo is the one solution to all your HR requirements. It helps you in boosting your sales by providing you with CRM, sales analytics, and user-friendly points of sales. You can integrate your services including agile project management, timesheet, and helpdesk to ensure better performance. It aids you in streamlining different operations like inventory, manufacturing, and purchases. You can also extend your business online by building stunning websites and incorporating e-commerce. Odoo also enables you to manage your finances and amplify your marketing by email marketing and marketing automation.

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OrangeHRM is a popular HR software that encapsulates the employees’ lifecycle from hiring to termination. With 5 million active users all around the globe, OrangeHRM is the best possible solution for your HR needs. It helps you in monitoring time and attendance to enhance productivity, benefits management, performance reviews, absence management, and candidate recruitment. You can easily deploy this software on-premise or host it in the cloud. It allows HR managers to get things done faster because of its intuitive user interface. To facilitate strategic decision-making, a 360-degree view of employees is provided to the managers. Employees are also empowered through the portal and individual logins which helps them review their KPIs, compensations, company policies, analytics, benefits, and training documentation.

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Mint HCM

Mint HCM was previously used as a CRM that grew to become Capital Management System. This tool provides many distinct features that make Mint HCM a favorite choice. It makes recruitment easy by coordinating talent acquisition procedures. It makes career paths and responsibilities transparent that enables employees to be clear about their job description. It provides a very easy and feasible onboarding and off-boarding procedure. You can easily make a detailed catalog of every employee that will enable you to assess the data within seconds. This catalog also lets the managers review the competency and skills of the employees and place them according to their expertise. Other notable features are time management, employee performance, calender, employment history, travel management, resource booking, leave management, system administration, and workspace occupancy management.

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It is another free and open-source HR management software that has made it to the list because of its powerful features and popularity. It enables users to keep track of time to calculate the effectiveness of work. This software has made hiring a lot smoother because of the initial scrutiny that eliminates the candidates unfit for the job and saves management some time. It also provides an online portal for the employees to edit and update their data, asses their benefits and policies, and leave feedback for the management. Some of the notable features are asset management, feedforward, interview scheduling, talent acquisition, background checks, and many more.

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It is a versatile and comprehensive tool that will perfectly tackle your business needs with its amazing features. It empowers you to add different modules over the HR module like inventory asset management, employee recruitment, and payroll. It covers you from the marketing side too and its marketing module aids you through email marketing. To maximize workflow efficiency, it has a workflow management module that helps out in optimizing existing processes. A wide variety of business modules make WP-ERP a go-to solution and a reliable option. It provides a centralized approach toward employee compensation and leaves management.

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Closing Remarks

Importance of human resources for the growth of any business whether large or small scale is undeniable. Every tool, strategy, and resource is secondary when the human factor is in question. So the importance to manage this resource also increases for the upscale growth of the business. Human resource management tools are a great way to ensure that human capital is utilized, maintained, trained, and compensated well which eventually increases the chances of any business to be on the top. We have enlisted 5 top free and open-source tools that are fully capable of managing the HR activities at your organization.


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