Top 8 Free and Open-Source Music Players for Linux

Music is most commonly known as food for the soul and a medicine that can put your heart to ease and your mind at peace. Every Linux distro comes with a pre-installed music player, but few of us need this soul food right according to our requirements. To fulfill this, several amazing music players are available that can be tailored accordingly. In this era of music streaming services, some of us old schoolers like to keep it authentic by organizing, storing, and listening to our favorite music in the music players.

We have gathered a list of the top 8 free and open-source music players that would help organize your collections, sort the best music for you, and provide you with a better user experience.


This application focuses on providing the best user experience possible by remaining completely simple. It would not confuse you with the extended options like managing a music collection, managing the playlists, editing the metadata, or showing lyrics and Wikipedia pages. It only lets you play and enjoy your favorite music. It has a very intuitive user experience and allows you to navigate, shuffle, and create a playlist.

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Originally developed for KDE, but works perfectly fine for other Linux distributions. It is an amazing, powerful, feature-rich music player with a fancy-looking user interface. It allows you to either take control of the music player or switch to an immersive mode and just enjoy music. By controlling the player, you can change the layout and access all the options available. It is a reliable application that respects its users’ privacy and protects their data. It enables users to browse music by tracks, albums, or artists. Users can easily create and manage playlists through the built-in side panel. If you are someone who likes to enjoy music without much sparkling light, then Elisa has a dark mode otherwise a light mode is also available. It is excellent in fast indexing and sorting out files with the help of Baloo. With the help of Kirigami, it adapts to your screens.

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Rythmbox is a powerful free and open-source music player that comes pre-installed with plenty of Linux distros. It comes with a lot of features that have made it a popular choice. You can have easy access to internet radio, stream music services, and manage a music library. You can enhance the efficiency and productivity of the tool by adding plugins and ad-ons.

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Sayonara Player

It is lightweight, stunning, free, and open-source but an under-appreciated music player. It has a very user-friendly interface and provides users with features like directory view, equalizer, dynamic playback, genre organization, podcasts, internet streams, album views, and multiple libraries. It is an exceptionally fast, highly customizable, and clear player that is written in C++ and supported by the Qt framework. It empowers you to hide or remove the features which are not useable for you. Apart from this, it does not bother its users with unnecessary buttons and controls. More notable features are library management, playlist management, additional plugins, and many more.

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Strawberry Music Player

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This audio player is the fork of a popular music player Clementine but it has not been updated since 2016. You would not have to worry about the file format as it supports plenty of formats. You can easily organize and manage your playlists and also edit tags on the audio file. It also comes with an additional sound equalizer and audio analyzer. It enables you to review song lyrics as you are listening to them through the main player window. It also has a collection view with a full-screen player window. You can stream your favorite music through Radio Paradise or do a tidal search. Apart from all this, it also has an album cover manager or enables you to do a manual cover search.

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DeaDBeef Player

DeaDBeef is a seasoned application that is actively maintained by multiple platforms. You can edit music tags, install additional plugins, play different kinds of music files, and read all the details by using this application. Another fun feature is that you can manage your playlist by splitting albums into individual tracks. You can also change the file formats by transcoding and can easily convert them to compatible formats. You are in complete control of the user interface and modify it in any way you prefer. This tool is excellent at reading and writing tags, has amazing cue sheet support, provides gapless playback, and much more.

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It is another great free and open-source option. It is a fast, powerful, and small console for music lovers. You will be provided with all the essential features right from the start. To set up the player and start using it, you will have to browse the right directory. It does not have a user-friendly interface and might be difficult to use for the new bees. To understand the working you will have to refer to the in-built tutorial.

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VLC Media player

VLC media player is considered one of the most popular, free, and open-source cross-functional tools. It is not only a music player but supports videos, streaming protocols, and DVDs too. It has some amazing features like transcoding, multiple format support, and so much more. It respects the user’s privacy by providing no tracking, no spyware, and no ads policy.

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Closing Remarks

Since music has a different meaning for every person and leaves a different impact on everybody that is why the experience is also personal. To enhance the experience and to enjoy the music to the fullest, the music player you are using must be exactly according to your requirements. To save you from trouble, we have selected the top 8 free and open-source music players that will surely enhance your listening experience.

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