How to Install SimpleScreenRecorder on Ubuntu

SimpleScreenRecorder is a desktop application for Linux that allows users to easily record their screen activities. It provides a straightforward interface with various options to capture screen recordings, making it a popular choice for creating tutorials, gameplay videos, or any other screen recording needs.

Its purpose is to provide Linux users a convenient tool for capturing high-quality screen recordings. SimpleScreenRecorder’s importance in Linux lies in its ability to offer customizable recording settings, support for multiple audio sources, and the option to choose specific regions or windows for recording. This makes it a versatile solution for screen capture on the Linux platform.

We will install SimpleScreenRecorder on Ubuntu, enabling us to record our screen activities using a user-friendly interface effortlessly, i.e., the commands will be practiced on Ubuntu 22.04.

How to Install SimpleScreenRecorder (SSR) on Ubuntu?

Fortunately, SimpleScreenRecorder is available on the official repositories of Ubuntu. Thus, it can be installed using the apt command and the Ubuntu Software Centre.

Method 1: Install SSR Using the Terminal (CLI)

The SimpleScreenRecorder can be installed using the apt install command. It is recommended to load the updated packages into it via the apt update command as follows:

$ sudo apt update

Once the packages list is updated, the following command can be used to install SimpleScreenRecorder on Ubuntu as follows:

$ sudo apt install simplescreenrecorder

Once the utility is installed, verify its installation by launching it from the terminal as follows:

$ simplescreenrecorder

The above command will launch the SimpleScreenRecorder as follows:

Clicking on Continue will lead you to the next window, which shows the detailed controls to record the screen on Ubuntu. Further, if you want to know how to record a screen on Ubuntu, read our detailed article on it.

Method 2: Install SSR Using the Software Center (GUI)

The simplescreenrecorder can also be installed from the Ubuntu Software Centre. First, open the Ubuntu Software Centre and write the simplescreenrecorder in the search bar.

Click on it and then on the Install button as follows:

It will ask for the user password. Enter it and proceed:

Once the package is installed successfully, you will see the following remove icon in front of the SimpleScreenRecorder, which assures that the SimpleScreenRecorder has been installed on the system.

How to Remove SimpleScreenRecorder on Ubuntu?

The removal of the SimpleScreenReocrder depends on the method of installation. Let’s discuss both methods in detail:

Remove SSR Using the Terminal

If you want to remove the SimpleScreenRecorder from the terminal, use the following command:

$ sudo apt autoremove simplescreenrecorder

This will also remove the simplescreenrecorder, if installed using the apt install command.

Remove SSR Using GUI

If installed from the GUI, you have to remove it from the Ubuntu Software Center by following the same method of installation. Open the Ubuntu Software Center and search for simplescreenrecorder. Click on the result that shows the installed mark in front of it.

Clicking on it will show the following interface. Click on the remove icon as follows:

This will ask you to enter the password and initiate the package removal from the system:

That’s how you can install the SImpleScreenRecorder on Ubuntu.

Wrap Up

SimpleScreenRecorder is a valuable screen recording tool for Linux users, offering a user-friendly interface and customizable recording options. By installing SimpleScreenRecorder on Ubuntu, users can effortlessly capture high-quality screen recordings for various purposes such as tutorials, gameplay videos, or any other screen recording needs. The installation process can be easily accomplished using either the command-line interface or the Ubuntu Software Center, and the application can be removed using the respective uninstallation methods. This post has demonstrated both methods with commands to install SimpleScreenRecorder on Ubuntu. For more Linux-based guides, visit and support us at Linux Genie.

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