How to Run WhatsApp on Linux Mint LMDE

WhatsApp is a widely used messaging software. Besides messaging, it has various features for sending text and voice notes, making audio and video calls, share pictures and other documents. One can create multiple groups in the WhatsApp application.

Additionally, WhatsApp provides end-to-end encryption to secure users’ data. WhatsApp is officially available for Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. Although it is not available for Linux-based operating systems, it can be installed using third-party applications such as Snap Store.

The main objective of this learning-based post is to guide you on how to install and run WhatsApp on Linux distributions including Linux Mint LMDE.

How to Run WhatsApp on Linux Mint LMDE?

The below-given steps will be performed to run WhatsApp on Linux Mint LMDE.

Step 1: Update System Repository

Run the “update” command from the Linux Mint LMDE terminal to update the system files:

sudo apt update

Step 2: Install “snapd” Package Manager

The snapd is a package manager to install, manage and update Linux-based packages. Thus, to install the snapd package, run the command as mentioned below:

sudo apt install snapd -y

According to the above snapshot, the snapd packages have been installed on Linux Mint LMDE.

Step 3: Install whatsapp-for-linux via snap

Use the snap package manager to install the “whatsapp-for-linux” on your Linux Mint LMDE machine. The example code is attached below for your reference:

sudo snap install whatsapp-for-linux

After a few moments, you will find that the installation process has finished.

Step 4: Reboot Your Linux Mint LMDE

Run the following command to reboot your machine and apply all the changes:


Step 5: Run WhatsApp

To open and run the WhatsApp application in Linux Mint LMDE, search the “WhatsApp” keyword in Linux Applications. Select the tab “WhatsApp for Linux”, as shown below:

If you want to launch the WhatsApp application from the terminal, run the given-below command:


Step 6: Connect WhatsApp With Phone

You will see the following interface of WhatsApp after running “WhatsApp for Linux”. Now, follow the below four (4) steps as mentioned below to link WhatsApp with your device i.e. phone:

How to Remove Whatsapp-for-Linux From Linux Mint LMDE?

The following method will remove the WhatsApp application package from your Linux Mint LMDE.

Remove Whatsapp using “snap”

Execute the command in the following manner to remove the WhatsApp package and its libraries from your Linux Mint LMDE:

snap remove whatsapp-for-linux

When you have finished the removal process of the WhatsApp application, the following message will be displayed on your screen.

According to the above-mentioned screenshot result, the WhatsApp-for-Linux has been removed and is no more available for your Linux Mint LMDE.


WhatsApp can be easily installed on Linux Mint LMDE. The “Whatsapp-for-Linux” is an unofficial application for Linux-based operating systems. Run the “apt install snapd” to install the package manager for the WhatsApp application. Then, execute the “snap install whatsapp-for-linux” command to install WhatsApp on your Linux Mint LMDE. In this learning-based post, you have learned how to run WhatsApp on Linux Mint LMDE.

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